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Why Should They Care? ​ ​​To change the world you need ​great storytelling, to ​Grow your Business, Build your Tribe, and ​​Inspire people to Action

​Want your message to be heard in a noisy world?


​Get your Success Story

​A fast, fun, step-by-step process in two sessions. Unearth the story of who you are and what you do. Shape it to your purpose and audience. Rehearse it to be natural and well-expressed.


C​ommand Attention

​Who really pays attention any more? They all will if you know how to use story in your conversation and presentations. Be memorable, enjoyable, and persuasive.


​How to get Crowd-Funded

​No crowdfunding campaign succeeds without a well-crafted story to inspire pledges. Launch your business project with the vivid story that will really appeal and motivate people to action.

It Just Takes One Moment Of Impact

Get clear on the inspiring story already lurking in your experiences, progress, ideals and vision. Find what people really need to hear and understand, and shape it into a dynamic story that persuades those you need to influence. Learn how to have presence so that people pay attention and remember your message.

About the ​Moment of Impact

I'm Tim Sheppard and I ran away from the circus to be a professional storyteller​ and create community. I went from ​wowing crowds ​by what was on the outside to ​wowing ​with the inside. Now I train changemakers to make a personal impact and create deeper relationships instantly, to build their movement​. I love showing people how they can already inspire people with the stories they didn't know they had.

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