Tim Sheppard

I'm Tim Sheppard and I help social entrepreneurs excel at live communication, and harness more of their creativity, persuasiveness and presence, to become compelling and make the personal impact on others that they want.

So many people go to pieces when put on the spot. When someone asks you what you do, or what your business does, do you ramble enthusiastically without a clear story? When you have to speak to present, or impress, or persuade, how many of these happen to you?

  • You go blank
  • You feel judged
  • You feel a fraud
  • You lose confidence
  • You panic or freeze up
  • You hate it!

You'd be amazed at how fast you could make a dramatic turnaround and start actually loving the lasting impact you have in those moments of live communication where you have to present yourself and your business.

There's only one reason I can get such results for people: I used to be atrocious at connecting with people. I was so inept at any kind of social communication that I was driven to search out a way to change my whole approach. I didn't just enrol on the usual communication training. Where did my remarkably practical methods come from? I've combined and adapted the secrets from some unusual fields, so that you don't have to:

  • I found the courage and sincerity to express myself fluently with warm authenticity, and learned the secrets of being subtly compelling and listenable, by becoming a storyteller. I taught, directed, and performed with, a pioneering and popular adult storytelling group, and have become a storytelling expert.
  • I developed fearlessness and confidence by training at one of the top circus schools in the world. As a circus performer I stared both death and audiences in the face, and came out alive and exhilarated.
  • I discovered how to turn around anxiety into enjoyment and delight in personal connection, by training with some of the most cutting-edge and challenging improvisation teachers in Europe.
  • I discovered the sheer fun and enjoyment, and efficiency, of immersive experiential exercises. That means playing games that do the work for you and bypass the struggling!
  • I've learned the step-by-step processes and unique tricks to put motivation, success, and solid habit-changes into practice by closely observing the psychological journey of all the people I've taught over twenty-five years.

Finally I trained in coaching to make sure I give the very best support to those wanting to accept the challenge of the most exuberant adventure I know, and give them personally-tailored guidance.

You can shrug off any obstacles that may be holding back your brilliance, and you don't need to swing from a trapeze or entertain a full theatre without a script like I did. Just take the juicy techniques at your own pace and let your stories and confidence unfold, the fun way.

I'd love to hear your story and what your challenge is. I'll do my best to guide you for free to your best solution, and you won't even have to put your head in the lion's mouth.

Contact me for a free Business Story Impact skype session at info@MomentOfImpact.com now, while you can imagine your success within reach. If I did it, you definitely can.

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