Get Impact

Your success in the world depends on other people.

You need them to listen to you, be persuaded by you, and act on what you recommend.

You need them to buy what you offer, or support you, or follow your lead.

How do you cut through the distractions and noise that keep other people from even noticing your message?

How do you make a personal impact on them, so that they are inspired to act the way you want?

You need to be able to create a strong connection at any moment when you get an opportunity, especially when you’re with someone in person.

Every moment can be a Moment of Impact when you have the right story, and the presence to put it across well.

Here are a few of the ways I can help you make the most of all your critical opportunities:

Get Your Success Story

A fast, fun, step-by-step process in two sessions. Unearth the story of who you are and what you do, for all occasions where you need people to understand why they should listen to or trust you. Shape it into your purpose and audience. Rehearse it to be natural and well-expressed. How to Get Your Story

Command Attention

Who really pays attention to you nowadays? They all will if you know how to use story in your conversation and presentations. Be memorable, enjoyable, and persuasive. How to Master Attention

How to Get Crowd-funded

No crowdfunding campaign succeeds without a well-crafted story to inspire pledges. Launch your business project with the vivid story that will really appeal and motivate people to action. Your Crowdfunding Story

Pitch Like a Pro

With confidence, presence, and good storytelling, you’ll be compelling and persuasive. Pitch well to investors, clients, or partners. How to enjoy pitching