Command Attention

How can you change the world if no one is listening?

As a social entrepreneur you want to gain attention so that you can deliver your message to a receptive audience. You want your funders and market to understand, and be compelled to listen. You want them to gain hope, so that they can translate that into action.

As a social entrepreneur you want to be heard so that:

  • You can get your message out to the world
  • You can get clients
  • You can grow your business
  • You can get attention and visibility in a busy world
  • You can be memorable

It’s painful to work hard to spread your message but find that few are really listening.

Everyone is bombarded by messages now. They switch off or get distracted instantly. You have less than five seconds to keep people’s attention, even if you can grab any of it to start with.

But even today, everyone listens to a story.

That’s because good stories have a hidden psychology that makes people want to hear more.

The real secret to getting your message heard is to have a story, because storytelling is the time-tested technology of how to master attention. Storytelling is the mastery of attention.

You already have compelling stories to tell

But do you know what they are?

You know what a story is, but sifting through your own experiences to find your real story, in a short snappy form, can be confusing.

  • Where should it start?
  • What should be left out or kept in?
  • How can you avoid it being rambling or boring?
  • What will make your point best?

Learning how to master attention means your stories will always hit home

If you focus on keeping people’s attention, people will always hear your message. But for that you need to understand how attention works, and how stories are cunningly woven to manage it.

When you can command attention

  • You won’t have to fight to be heard
  • People will enjoy listening, even want more
  • You’ll get your message out, and understood deeply
  • People will empathise, and be persuaded
  • You can build a tribe of followers and change the world

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou

People are divided by language, but united by story

If you want to create a tribe or community, loyalty, bring people together across a divide – of community or point of view – then tell a story. This is how you create the bond and empathy that people crave, and turn your social enterprise into a movement.

If you want to be a key player who has something to contribute, you have to know your own story and what meaning it has, and how to connect your story with the story of anyone you want to gain attention from.

Command Attention with a Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact coaching gives the skills and stories you need to

  • get attention
  • keep it for long enough to get your message fully heard
  • inspire people into the action you want
  • be memorable
  • be enjoyable to hear (or read)
  • be persuasive to funders, supporters, partners, staff…
  • connect with people who will respond to what you offer

Get personal impact and master attention

Grab your free Attention Assessment now, and find out exactly what your current personal impact is and how to improve it. Your free one-to-one Skype session will give you the steps to your own personal mastery of attention. And how to find your stories that will connect you with people anytime, anywhere.

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