How to Get Crowd-Funded

Your brilliant idea won’t get crowd-funded.

Not unless it becomes real in people’s imagination.

An idea can stop them scrolling past for three seconds. The right story can take their imagination through the whole experience. When they see the need, and the solution, and how they fit into it, and how everyone will feel, only then will people have enough enthusiasm to dig into their pockets and donate to your project.

But when you’re preparing to launch your crowd-funding campaign you’re full of memories of your struggle so far, full of hopes and dreams of how it will develop – where on earth in all that is your story?

How do you choose what to tell people, that will grab their imagination?

How do you avoid overwhelming them or rambling on?

How do you structure it to have maximum impact?

How do you make them feel what you feel?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a specific step-by-step process to follow that finds the best way to make it all compelling, clear, and persuasive?

Every crowdfunding platform will tell you that your project’s page must have a video to tell your story. But they leave out telling you exactly how to create a great story, because very few people understand how to teach that. A story isn’t just a sequence of information – it has to engage the whole person, head and heart.

I’ve been coaching people in storytelling for over 25 years. And I’ve studied how stories really work, and the whole psychology of how we can become engaging, for just as long. I’d love to help you find exactly how to express the whole mess of your experience and ambitions into a neat, snappy form that people will just get straight away, and feel moved to donate to.

Book a free skype/phone Get Crowd-Funded Assessment Session with me, and we can get you clear on how to find your story. If you’d like my help developing it too, I can make it fast and easy – but there’s no obligation. Either way, let’s get you crowd-funded!

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