Pitch Like a Pro

There you are facing sceptics and critics who hold the bags of money you need.

In one high-stakes moment you have to impress them so much they’ll hand the money over.

You only have this one opportunity to convince them.

Your adrenalin is making you forget everything you had to say.

Stop Panicking, Start Leading

How can you ace such critical moments and leap to the next level in your business?

  • Big numbers won’t do it.
  • Clever graphs won’t do it.
  • Slick words won’t do it.

The truth is there is a specific psychology that you need to help your audience through. There’s also a whole psychology for you, so that you can enjoy doing it and make it compelling.

People won’t even begin to consider your proposition unless they know, like, and trust you. So how can you get even cautious, risk-averse strangers to feel that way about you in a few seconds?

Your priority must be to engage them, create rapport, and be credible in yourself.

It’s not just about enthusiasm, passion, or belief in your cause. There’s a specific role you must play in this situation. And a specific way you have to help them imagine your proposition, that makes it instantly real to them. That gives you credibility – not just in your offer but your very presence in front of them.

Knowing how to take this role gives you confidence. You can get them warming to you. But the rest of your information and presentation needs to come across with the right psychology, getting also to the heart of the matter of what is preventing them from saying yes.

It’s remarkably simple when you know how. Don’t feed your panic and set yourself up for failure by having so many things you have to get right. Instead you can get the whole situation under control, presenting your whole approach with a time-tested strategy. It’s little-used today but perfectly designed for practical persuasion. All in one go you can transport your audience into a vivid experience of the positive potential of your proposition, giving you the real presence and personal impact that lights people up with confidence in you.

The Moment Of Impact

With the right approach and role, you can create and deliver a moment of impact that brings all your potential, and the real treasure buried within your offer, into sharp focus.

You need the Moment of Impact training, where you will learn the crucial way to put all this together – an effective way that most people never think of. You can bring your best performance without having to change who you are. You will get the structure to put your whole offer into so that it answers only the right questions, in the right order, in the right way for your audience.

But it goes much further than that and paints a vivid picture in their mind of a rosy future that they can grasp in one go, backed up with the right, solid facts.

You already have it in you. You need the techniques of structure, confidence, presence, and enjoyment. Yes, this can be an exhilarating, enjoyable experience! That will only add to the positivity of the atmosphere and the likelihood of you winning a positive response.

Get Your Free Pitch Like a Pro Assessment

In one free Skype session we will:

  • uncover whatever may be blocking you pitching like a pro
  • assess how you come across while pitching
  • get clear on the next steps to improvement that will best suit you
  • find personalised tips for you to get started straight away

In your Pitch Like A Pro coaching programme we will:

  • find the flow to how it must go in your specific pitch
  • find the narrative and imagery that will make it all come into focus.
  • find the keys to your confidence and give you the secrets to coping with and even enjoying whatever the situation throws at you
  • and your bonus: how to cope with troublesome, probing questions from a sceptical audience and still maintain your cool

Get your free assessment now – it’s fun, and there’s no pressure to take it further. Let’s get you succeeding!