Your Success Story

“Who are you?”

“Why should I care?”

“Why should I trust you?”

“What can you do for me?”

These questions are lurking in everyone’s mind who you meet or talk to. Unless you satisfy them convincingly they may not be able to listen to what you want to say.

Your Success Story is the fastest, most satisfying and effective way of connecting with people in any situation. Once you understand the distilled narrative of your own experiences you can adapt it to any length, for any audience. And you can see your own path clearly, helping your decisions and motivation.

Is your meeting imminent, and you only have time to cobble together an attempt to stem your panic and come across as if you know what you’re talking about?

Or are you really confident facing interviewers  or audiences and just need a “magic bullet” which will help you make the right impact and show what a perfect fit you and your business are?

Then you’ll like the Success Story coaching programme: short, and focused on getting you coherent, relevant, and able to demonstrate who and what you really are.

If you have just a little more time, or want help with confidence, fluency, handling questions, gaining rapport and making a great first impression, you’ll want the four-session Interview Impact programme.

What will I get?

In a fast, enjoyable way the Success Story programme will get you to the heart of what you can offer a client or investor, and give you a neat, impactful way to communicate your value and experience, so that you’ll know you can deliver well in any meeting or presentation. You will:

  • Understand the power and use of your big picture
  • Know your most important brief anecdotes to use
  • Reveal structure and sequence to your achievements, so you can put them in context, and take the conversation from any point to another with coherence and purpose
  • Show the foundations and consistency of your abilities, and demonstrate the breakthroughs which prove them
  • Illustrate and prove your unique strengths
  • Include your convincing points about your fit to their required qualities
  • Distil your substance, express it cogently and concisely, and thereby have confidence to make an impact

What is my Success Story?

Your success story is not just the answer to one question. It’s your meaning, purpose, and value to clients, interviewers, or any audience. It’s the framework and context for all your answers. It’s an anchor so that you can feel secure and confident in having something coherent and definite to say. It’s a way of both summing yourself up and connecting to all the detail and depth of your knowledge and experience. It integrates all of your most powerful and necessary material that you’ll need anyway, but in one easy-to-remember form.

In one fell swoop your success story is your way of getting everything straight, making a great impact, and engaging people’s imagination so that they can imagine you working with or for them. It makes sense of you for them, so they can see how you and they would fit together.

How do I do it?

Book yourself into Tim’s calendar. You’ll get:

  • A stimulating step-by-step workbook immediately, so that you can get focused and begin discovering gems from your experience that will help fashion your Success Story, even before our first session.
  • Two sessions of at least 90 minutes each (by phone, video Skype, or in-person if you’re local), working intensively with Tim to get your message clear, structured, memorable and impactful.
  • More step-by-step actions between and after the sessions that will get you ready to face your interviewers with a proven way to represent yourself as the best candidate.
  • Intriguing questions, visual exercises, and live rehearsals to give you fast, effective, personalised learning – while having fun!
  • An in-depth understanding of the hidden adventure of your career and business that you can use over and again in the future to persuade and impress.

Book Now to start your Success Story

Normal fee: £350 or US $490 for the whole programme

Introductory Offer: Only £300 or US $420 for a very limited time

Distance is no problem! I can coach you wherever you are

Can’t decide? – Book a free success story assessment session with Tim on the phone/Skype, and you’ll discover which stories you personally most need to use and what what they’ll achieve for you.

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