What is the Moment of Impact?

In this blog I’m exploring the ways we can communicate and relate to people more creatively, more persuasively, and with more presence, so that we can make the kind of impact that we, and they, want.

I’ll be talking about how to enjoy having a spontaneous, fresh approach to all those areas that can bring out our anxieties and make us stiff, embarrassed or panicked when we are on the spot.

The Moment of Impact is always the present moment, because when we engage with someone they respond to us as we are at that moment. So we’ll be exploring how paying attention to the moment can open up all sorts of possibilities and skills you didn’t know you had. You can be more alive in the moment, open and adaptable, even inspired.

Having a personal impact on others doesn’t mean just grabbing attention. For any meaningful communication we need to keep people’s attention and interest. That means drawing them away from any preoccupation with assumptions, habit, busy noisiness, distraction etc., and showing them something essential, relevant to them, engaging them on a human level. If you can draw others into an awareness of what is truly going on in this moment, then you can have a true meeting of minds, a feeling of community, or at the least a great conversation.

There’s an ancient art which has over thousands of years perfected a whole method, set of skills, and structure for doing this. It’s the much-underestimated art of Storytelling, especially at its highest and little-known levels. I’ll be drawing on this and other practices to explore practical ways in which you can have great fun stretching your abilities, presence, influence and inspiration.

2 thoughts on “What is the Moment of Impact?

  1. Hi Tim – Great post! I love the ‘about me’ part of this blog. Your unusual background offers so much and working with you sounds like it would be a lot of fun, in addition to producing powerful results. I especially like your definition of the moment of impact – the eternal now. Spiritually and in every other way bringing our focus to the present moment is such a life-changing awareness. Keep the blogs coming.

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